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Ask Eligible Men to Join

Today, I want to address the growth of the Order. Membership growth is the fuel that keeps this great fraternal engine running. All of our charitable works at the council, state, national and international level are thanks to our hard-working members. And more members equals more charity.

We know that the membership blitz is a tried and true way for councils to get more men to join. We see these pushes often in March, in celebration of Founder’s Day, and again in October. These drives are successful because brother Knights have increased visibility speaking or presenting during and after Masses and at special events. We must remember that we have a duty to ask each and every Catholic gentleman to join our ranks for the good of the Church, the community and the Order.

During the rest of the year, we often “forget” to ask men to join and to bring their families into the Knights of Columbus family. You probably know an eligible Catholic man you could ask today. What if the only reason he hasn’t joined is because no one has asked him yet?

When telling a prospect about the strengths of the Order, don’t forget our greatest fraternal benefit: our insurance program. This is often a “selling point” to a potential member who is on the fence. Many members become Knights simply to be able to buy coverage to protect their family. Soon after, they realize the good our charitable works do for their community, and they are proud to be members.

As your professional Knights of Columbus insurance agent, I look forward to helping us grow in fraternity in any way that I can.

David N. Luksic
Field Agent

Update Your Beneficiaries

Sometimes it is easy to overlook the simplest of things.

Take, for example, the beneficiaries on your life insurance policies. If your policy was applied for and issued several years ago, it may very well be that the person you originally selected as the beneficiary is no longer the person you would want to receive the policy proceeds. If you bought the policy when you were single, for example, you may have named your parents as beneficiaries. If you have since married, your policies should be updated to reflect your spouse as beneficiary. Maybe you’ve had children since, who are not named on the policies.

Most people list a primary beneficiary, who is specifically designated as the first in priority to receive policy proceeds. We also encourage the naming of a contingent beneficiary, an alternate person designated to receive policy proceeds, usually in the event that the original beneficiary pre-deceases the insured.

I routinely call all of my policyholders for annual review appointments, usually near the anniversary date of your policy – that is, the date it was originally issued. One of the matters that I’ll discuss during this review is the status of your beneficiary designations. If they need updating, and they often do, I can complete the paperwork during that appointment.

I look forward to meeting with each of you to discuss your family’s needs.


David N. Luksic
Field Agent

Only Having Insurance“Through Work” Doesn’t Work

Do you know anyone whose life or career has drastically changed during these years of economic downturn? It’s very likely that someone in your immediate or extended family or group of friends is facing financial uncertainty. Maybe there’s a possibility that you (or your spouse) could lose your job or change employers.

Too many people have often relied on group term life insurance as their only safety net. Often, this insurance is an employee benefit provided at low or no cost. The existence of this coverage might convince someone that personally-owned life insurance is not necessary.

But only having “through work” insurance can leave you and your family vulnerable. Most group life insurance policies are limited in amount, which may be tied to salary or some other benchmark. These numbers are often capped, and this cap may be dangerously low when compared to your family’s actual needs. In fact, a detailed needs analysis that evaluates your specific situation, will likely show that any employer-provided coverage falls short.

In addition, the amount of group insurance offered is almost always reduced, sometimes dramatically, when you retire. You could one day find yourself without coverage, and if your health has changed (which it will as you age), you might also find yourself unable to secure individual protection. At the very least, it will definitely be more expensive.

While group life insurance can help, it does not replace the need for individually owned life insurance. I’ll be happy to meet with you and provide a no-cost needs analysis, so you’ll know exactly where you stand.


David N. Luksic
Field Agent

Think You Are Too Old for Coverage? Maybe Not 

You are never too young or too old to consider purchasing life insurance. If you have a financial need for coverage, or will in the future, a permanent life insurance policy can be just the thing you need.

When you are young and presumably healthy, coverage will be very inexpensive when compared to purchasing the same policies when you are older.

If you’ve put off purchasing coverage, or you realize that you may need additional insurance, the Order may still be able to help you, even if other companies cannot. In fact, in 2012, the issue age of our permanent life insurance products was extended to age 80. Naturally, your health, and whether or not you smoke, will be taken into consideration, so underwriting standards for risk and age apply. But, the extension is a great blessing for me – and it could be for you too. Now I can help members that I couldn’t help before. Are you or one of your brother knights one of those members?

Whether you’re 18 or 80, the Knights of Columbus has products that will work for you and your family. I look forward to discussing coverage with you.


David N. Luksic

Field Agent


Grand Knight Chris Coker welcomes our Council's Knights of Columbus Insurance Agent, David Luksic

Council members discuss insurance issues with Insurance Agent, David Luksic.